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10 Things you might not know you can do


There are quite a few things about Main-Events that you might not know about. So we are listing the top ten things you could learn about on top of the basics!

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 01  Create your custom calendar list of Favourite Shows


On the front page of every show/event in our system, there is a green button that says + Add this event to your favourites.  The event then appears under your MY MAIN-EVENTS profile area as a list of Upcoming favourite events from the Details tab. You can click to go there from your list without having to search in future. You can take a show off your list by going to the show page and clicking on the button which now says Remove this event from your favourites. When a show is finished, it is automatically removed from your list. 

Once you have a show listed as one of your favourites, you will get an email when any document such as schedule, yarding lists, notices etc has been posted related to the show. You will get an email 7 days before entries close to remind you not to miss out. You will also receive any news stories or emails sent to all competitors. In short, you keep in touch! 

 02  List your horse for sale - FREE

If you have a horse for sale and want to make the most of attending a show to get more exposure than you might otherwise - list if for sale under your MY MAIN-EVENTS profile area. All horses currently listed for sale will feature a $ sign after the horse name. Buyers can then watch the horse go in the ring and if interested can contact you direct by email accessed from the horses full profile area (your email is kept hidden and private). We advise that you add more information under the horse profile and post a photo to make the most of the offer. To flag a horse for sale, click on the Edit Details button from the horse profile and tick Is for Sale? Remember to come back and untick once sold!



 03  Open multiple tabs for shows or classes

If you are keeping an eye on two or more classes (or shows), you can right mouse click and choose to Open Link in a new tab so they both stay open and quickly accessed. Super convenient!



 04  Can I advertise my business on

Absolutely. We are a niche service to the equestrian community so have a lot in common. See our Advertising offer on this website for further information. 


 05  How do I upload a photo?

Anyone can upload a photo but we ask that you make sure it is related to the show or event you are posting with. And that you only post one or two that are particularly relevant as the photo will appear on the front page of to begin with!


Login to the Main-Events website and go to the show where you have a photo to post. Click on the tab Photos.  From the form that opens, click on +add Photo and follow directions.  Once you have uploaded, you can edit or flag the photo as related to one class - eg presentation line up of placegetters. Only you can edit and delete under your login. Our sfaff are keeping an eye on photos uploaded and will take down any they consider not appropriate.

 06  Can I track results for my and other horses?

Of course you can! The only proviso is that the show secretary has uploaded results back up online for their show - sadly this does not always happen. Anyone can view the Results from any Main-Events show from the horse or riders full profile by clicking first on the paler blue button full profile at the top right of the competitor info when you click on their name in a class list. You can also access the same info by searching for a Competitor from the menu item at the top of the Home page for Main-Events. Results with a placing, score and rank are shown in order of most recent shows/dates. 

 07  How do I sign up for the FREE online entry option for a show?

The Main-Events system is incredibly flexible and we want more shows to experience the convenience of online entry. Riders are demanding online entry as it is so much more convenient for them. With Main-Events, we have options that start at a FREE version where the show gets entries emailed one by one and the secretary can then copy and paste into a system of their choice. The rider on the other hand entering the show gets the full experience with emailed record of entries and viewing class lists online. 

There are other versions ranging from $2 to $5 a horse for our services which can include free software to run the show. All of this is covered under the What we offer area of the website. 


 08  Upload documents to MY MAIN-EVENTS for quick access?

Login, go to the show and click on the COMPETITORS tab. From the Competitor Type drop list, choose Horses/Ponies or Riders as you want and then the list will display in alphabetical order and will show the number in black text at the top left of the list. The total you first see there is both horses and riders combined.


 09  What other types of shows can use

Go to the show you want, and then click on the DOCUMENTS tab. All documents uploaded by the show will be in view. This can include schedules, catalogues, maps, stabling lists or newsletters. If a revised schedule, the show should indicate when it was revised and why - but not all shows do this.



 10  Volunteer and learn to livescore showjumping classes

If you are keeping an eye on two or more classes (or shows), you can right mouse click and choose to Open Link in a new tab. Super convenient!

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