10 Things you might not know you can do


There are quite a few things about Main-Events that you might not know about. So we are listing the top ten things you could learn about on top of the basics!

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 01  Create your custom calendar list of Favourite Shows


No. There is no requirement to be a registered user if you want to view the shows public information which includes documents, news, photos and class lists with results. 

 02  List your horse for sale

This indicates the horse is currently for sale. If you are interested in the horse, go to the horse's profile from the COMPETITORS search on the front menu. Click on the CONTACT tab. Send an email message to the person responsible for the horse.  The person responsible may choose to add additional profile information for viewing but if not, ask!



 03  Open multiple tabs for shows or classes

If you are keeping an eye on two or more classes (or shows), you can right mouse click and choose to Open Link in a new tab so they both stay open and quickly accessed. Super convenient!



 04  Can I advertise my business on Main-Events.com?

Go to the show. Click on the COMPETITORS tab. Type in the horse or rider name. If you are not sure of the spelling, put in a part name. Then click on blue button Filter and a list of possible matches appears below showing how many classes they are entered in. Click on the Name and it will show you a list of classes entered which are also hyperlinks directly to the class. 


 05  How do I upload a photo?

Login and then from the LATEST EVENT NEWS tab, click on the event NZ EQUESTRIAN NEWS. From the DETAILS page that appears, click on Add this event to your favourites!  News items of general interest are also posted on our Facebook page at Main-Events Facebook   We also advise that you add other events to your favourites that you are intending to enter or are following as you will receive a notice whenever a document or news related to the show is posted. You will also get an email 1 week before as a reminder to enter.

 06  Can I track results for my and other horses?

If you haven't entered the show yet, use the CONTACT tab for the show. This opens to an email to be sent to the person in charge. If you have already entered the show, use the CLASS CHANGES/OTHER MESSAGES green button on the ONLINE ENTRY tab. This will add the message for the show secretary to deal with and it should be flagged as Done once acted upon. You will see a tick on the right of the message with a note if needed. You can view ALL your messages under your MY MAIN-EVENTS profile under the Messages tab.


 07  How do I sign up for the FREE online entry option for a show?

With Main-Events system, a show can have different categories of competition and ask for different information for each - eg RAS Showing classes don't ask for ESNZ membership numbers. These are categories and it is important when you are going to view the classes for a category, you select the Category from the drop list and then click on Filter. This will then show the classes associated. While most shows will leave showjumping and show hunters as one category for entry convenience, you may find another show splits them into two categories.



 08  Can I upload documents to MY MAIN-EVENTS for safekeeping?

Login, go to the show and click on the COMPETITORS tab. From the Competitor Type drop list, choose Horses/Ponies or Riders as you want and then the list will display in alphabetical order and will show the number in black text at the top left of the list. The total you first see there is both horses and riders combined.


 09  What other types of shows can use Main-Events.com?

Go to the show you want, and then click on the DOCUMENTS tab. All documents uploaded by the show will be in view. This can include schedules, catalogues, maps, stabling lists or newsletters. If a revised schedule, the show should indicate when it was revised and why - but not all shows do this.



 10  Volunteer and learn to livescore showjumping classes

If you are keeping an eye on two or more classes (or shows), you can right mouse click and choose to Open Link in a new tab. Super convenient!