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According to Google Analytics, our website had over 3.56 million page views with 13,648 unique visitors who stayed online for over 4.41 minutes. These stats are for the season Aug 2020 to Jul 2021 - before Covid messed up everything! 

We are offering businesses a chance to advertise with us. We guarantee market segment exclusivity if you sign up for 12 months. There bundle includes 3 size settings but we can usually make it fit if you have something in mind already. 

This is our first year opening up for outside advertising ... so don't miss out!

Website advertising


The 4 things you need to make digital marketing work. We excel at all four!


More detail on specifications and opportunities available here. 

Sponsorship for Shows


If you are an equestrian business and being hounded for sponsorship, we have a solution for you.  Let us deal with it!


We are involved with over 150 shows a year so could have some good ideas for placement of your sponsorship to spread exposure. 

We would manage it all for you including contacting shows, sending logos, advertising flyers and as a bonus put an advert on for your business. Contact us for details on how we can make your advertising $$ go further. 

Loyalty Rewards Programme


This is something we are looking into for both shows and for riders. We hope to launch before the end of the year. 

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