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In order for advertising on websites to be successful, research has shown there are 4 main keys to making digital marketing work. 

  • Matching niche market with a captive audience

  • A tonne of traffic

  • Guaranteed exclusivity

  • Great placement 

Everything we can offer you right now!

Equestrian is a niche market

You couldn't get a more captive audience than riders entering shows online with! And then following up to see results. 13,648 people entered shows online with us in the season before Covid hit - 1 Aug 2020 to 31 Jul 2021. 

A tonne of traffic

3.56 million + page views with 99,420 unique visits who viewed an average of 8.64 pages per session. These stats were up 56.52% on the year before showing strong growth for our market.

Guaranteed exclusivity

If you sign up for a year we will guarantee that no other competitor in your market segment advertises with us. There may be the odd exception where a show has a competing sponsor but the time frame will be very limited! Advertising messages can be changed monthly to keep specials in front of customers.

Great  placement

We only have one company's advert featured per page and they rotate around the website.  All ads are "above the fold" - positioned strategically so the viewer doesn't have to scroll down to stumble across them at the bottom of the page. They are in plain view when the page first opens. Get your brand in front of more potential customers.

We have great new INTRODUCTORY offer for you

Contact us at and we can talk about pricing and placement. Download our flyer below for further specifications.  This is the first year we have opened up the advertising so don't miss out!

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