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 01  Add your event to the show listing

Add your show/event to the calendar listing with venue, open and closing dates, disciplines involved and other related information. You can add other information as you go or later. Be sure to tick to make each info item public or it won't appear for viewing by the public. 

1. LOGIN - If you haven't already opened the website, do that now. Login with your registered email and password at the top right. If you are not a current user, then use the REGISTER! button at the top right of the Main-Events website and wait for confirmation email.  

2. Go to the EVENTS SEARCH tab and click on the green button + Add a new event! A popup form will appear where you fill in details as appropriate. Name is the name of the show (not your name!). Organiser is usually the name of the group/committee putting on the event. An event code prefix is meant to be 3 letters and is usually an abbreviation of the show name or group. 3 numbers will be added by Main-Events to make up a show code. 

Info with an * (asterix) next to the name is required. You cannot leave them blank. Please note that date formats are in yyyy/mm/dd format - eg 2022/02/26 . It is best to choose them using the small calendar button to the left. You can change these at any stage in the future through the ONLINE ENTRY MENU > Global Settings (Step ??). 

3. Be sure to click on the blue button CREATE EVENT and wait ... do not click again as that will create two copies of your show and you will need to contact us to delete one.

HINT - If you have inadvertently doubled up, then before you go any further, click on one listing that you want to delete and through the DETAILS > Edit event details button change its show name to DELETE Show Name and contact us. That way we know which one to delete. 

4. A summary form appears. IMPORTANT - from the form that appears, click on the EDIT DETAILS at the top right and from the form that appears, check all lines of information. It is important that you select the Event Types from the list box. Hold your shift key down if you want to select two or more event types - eg showjumping and show hunters. It is also important to put in the email address of the secretary in the Contact Email: so that competitors can email from your show page direct to the secretary. Optional but helpful is the Short Description of your event where you might tell what your show is about - eg 110th Annual A&P Show featuring trade displays, farm animals, working tractors and equestrian. The tick boxes on the low part of the form are used to turn on/off icons next to a listing if your show has documents that can be viewed, class lists that can be viewed and if results are (will be) available to view in the class lists or as a document uploaded after the show. 


5. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - click on the blue + Add Info button as shown and select from options there. You can add your own. What is important in adding information is that you TICK to make the information public otherwise no one will see it but you as admin. The item appears grayed out as in the Dogs Allowed? item. This is not public. Don't add more than 4 or 5 items as it becomes cluttered looking. 

That is enough to get your event listed under the EVENTS SEARCH once approved by our staff but not on the front page which is a list of shows with online entry.  Phone numbers and addresses are optional as are Sponsors and the Upload Logo (show banner for page).  We cover these options in a separate page on Nice to Have ...

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