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 02   Select Template and Associated Categories

There are a number of built-in templates within the system that cover most equestrian activities. If you have a different kind of event, get in touch and together we can come up with a new template that works. Provided it is useful for other potential clients, you will not be charged for this. 

TEMPLATES will define what information appears in the list of classes online that users choose from during the online entry process. They also define what information appears in the class list of competitors with draws, results and other info.  Templates also specify what information is sourced from the competitor as they enter online (eg registration or membership details) and what information is set/entered by the show administration (eg start number and placing).

CATEGORIES are the overall group that is related to the template – for example you would have a different template for Showjumping from Showing Classes at an A&P Show. There will be some overlap but also enough differences to warrant a different template. The category is what the competitor first picks to start the entry process – eg below is a show with ESNZ classes and Showing Classes.


For the category Showjumping & Show Hunter, the template will ask for the riders ESNZ membership and horse’s ESNZ registration. For Showing, they don’t have registrations or memberships, but do ask for height certificates or perhaps a registration number for a specific breed society. That is how templates work.

Steps to setup template and categories

Once you have edited the event details under Step 01, click on the Classes tab. Make sure you are still in the Administration view behind the scenes (eg you see the text View Public Event Page on the far right).

  1. Click on the blue button + add a category template at the lower part of form (don’t start with the Class Categories). From the Add/edit category template popup form, choose Copy built-in category template from the Create options droplist (first). DO NOT under any circumstances choose New/blank category template. The system prefixes the built-in template with your show code. Once you have refined your template over several shows, you can instead choose the second option Copy previous category template -  but for your first show, pick something basic like … EQUESTRIAN BASIC unless it is an ESNZ show where registrations and memberships must be checked.

  2. Click to SAVE. You can change the name in view by clicking on the blue pencil button to the left of the Category Template NAME. We advise that you keep it simple – don’t add multiple templates unless really necessary.

  3. Move to the top of the form to add in the Class Categories. Click on the blue button + add category. Here you specify the category that competitors will pick to start the online entry process. This category is then linked to the appropriate template you have already set up.



The category name doesn’t have to match the template and you can change it later if need be. Select the associated template from the drop list – make sure you have this right before you start adding classes!

Tick that it is Public – otherwise the competitors won’t see it or enter! And in terms of Online Entry Status, choose Active. The other two statuses are used where a show might OPEN or CLOSE off one section of the show before another. Click to Save.

Continued ... Finetuning the Equestrian Template
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