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 02   Continued ... Finetuning the Equestrian Template

For most purposes, the Basic Equestrian template will suit most equestrian type activities. If your event involves something else, then get in touch with our support people who can set it up for you. 

Class Details


The next form that appears defines information for both the list of classes and the class list of entries. Usually, you can leave this as is – that is what the built-in template is set for. At the top of the form that appears are the Class Details. This defines what the customer picks for their entry … and what the general public will see when they look at the list of classes to pick from. It is quite standard. 


In terms of what you might want to change would be the Abbreviation column as that is what appears in the heading for the list of classes. For example, instead of Class, you might prefer Session or Event. Instead of Ring, you might prefer Arena or Track. These are changes to the Abbreviation.

Leave the Name and the Data Field Name columns as is unless you have been otherwise advised by support team. The data field name is used to link outside software programs such as Just Equestrian and is quite critical so don’t change.

There are three tick box columns. PUB indicates Yes or No, the Public can view that information. An example of information that is NOT public might include Bank Account details or a Date of Birth for a rider. The REQ column indicates that the information is required and cannot be left blank. The SHW specifies if that information is to display as part of the class tabular view.

The Name of the class, Entry Limit and the Entry Fee are required by the system so they don’t appear in the info items in view  … but they will show in the list of classes.

There will be information here that you probably will not use. Our advice is to leave in place but make it private so no one sees it. Don’t DELETE. Just untick PUB, REQ and SHW and it is effectively gone. You can see that in the Judges info item where all three are red crosses and it is greyed out. You can also drag your info items up or down the list which translates to left to right in the tabular view online.

Click on the blue pencil button to the left to edit the class detail info item.


When viewed as a class list, the details show as follows. Notice that items NOT ticked for SHW are not in the tabular list view but will appear on the page when the user looks at the class list. :

Entry Details

In the middle of the form defines the information specified by the template that you need to source from the competitors – but you DO NOT edit here! Most items you need will be listed in the Info Items column. If you are really sure you need to ask for something about the horse or the rider that is specific to the horse or the rider, then you can add an info item here. Click on the green + button beside the competitor type. Be very clear in your mind … is this something unique to the one rider (eg date of birth)? Or something related to every horse or rider in which case it is a CUSTOMER info item (eg Stabling requirements or bank account details).

Adding info items is a more advanced option that is explained under ?????  If new to the system, just accept the defaults – or contact our support staff.

Be very clear as well about REQ items as if you have ticked YES, then everyone entering that category will have to answer it and it may be an item that doesn't relate to their entry – eg NZ Riding Pony registration when the rider is entering Pinto classes! So don’t tick anything REQ unless is applies to everyone entering!

In terms of the Info Items in the lower part of the form, this will make up your view of entries in classes that the general public will see left to right (top to bottom). Again some items are flagged for PUB, REQ or SHW. The fourth column labelled ETRY? is a reflection of the Entry Details in the middle of form – in other words, the information you need to source about the horse or rider during the online entry process.

If you look at the list of Info Items, you can see clearly in the Entry competitor column those items that again are sourced during the online entry process.



The info items that are blank in the Entry competitor column are info items that you will control as a show administrator – eg start number, back number and placings. In other words, you don't ask the competitor for their start number!


As before, we don’t suggest you DELETE anything, just untick PUB and it is effectively hidden but you can get it back later – eg you decide later you will assign scores. And again, you can change the Abbreviation (NOT the Data Field Name) to suit your event type. You can also drag your info items up or down the list which translates to left to right in the tabular view online.

To edit info, click on the blue pencil button to the left of the info item.

Additional notes to an info item


Where you feel an info item requires more explanation for the online entry process, you can edit the info item to add descriptive or instructional notes that appear as a small green ? symbol beside an item when the user is entering online. This can be helpful for an item that is ticked for required as if the user doesn't put anything in, they are blocked in the process until they do - which can annoy them! Click to edit, and add text to the Additional Notes.  For example, under ESNZ registration you could suggest they put in 0000 if they don't have a number yet.

During the online entry process, this will appear as a small question mark that can the customer can click to view for further notes.


Next Step – Type in Class Details
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