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 03  Type in Class/Event Details 

If your show is a small one and you are opting for the free version, then you can type your classes in with entry fees, ring/location, prize money, start times and special conditions. Otherwise, if you have the Just Equestrian software, you don't type them in ... you generate and upload a file. Each class must have a unique class number over the whole show. The details you need to provide are determined by the selected template. This can be added or edited to suit.


If paying for paperwork or downloads, we will need a spreadsheet of your classes - download the xlsx template from here you will need to use. 

Type in Class Details (free version)


The category and its related template will define what you type in to create your classes. Click on the tab CLASSES from the Administration view. You will see your categories and template/s listed. If you look to the right of each category, there is a View Classes and in brackets the number of classes set up to date. So probably none.


Click on the blue words view classes. If you have classes, they will appear and you can edit where required – eg add a sponsor or change the prize money. It is NOT a good idea to change the entry fee however if you have entries!


Click on the small blue button near the top right + add class and a form pops up where you put in the information. Fill in as much as you can – notice the gold asterisk to the left indicates an item you cannot leave blank!

We would also suggest that you put the class number in as part of the class name as the class name is always the left most column (eg you can’t drag the class number to the far left) so to make it easier for the online entry process if you have quite a few classes, put in a class number then space then dash and then space again - eg 1 - Showjumping 1.10m.

Classes must have a sort order assigned too and this must be a whole number (not like 12.1) and should be in sequence. These numbers do not show online so number all classes from 1 to whatever. During the online process, the rider is expected to refer to a schedule so keep the numbers in sequence so they can find them. If you have to move a class up or down, drag into place and then REFRESH the screen to save it right away before you move another class.

Entry Limit

The Entry Limit is part of the default setup which most shows will leave blank or 0. However, if for example, you can’t have more than 20 entries in a class then put 20 in as the Entry Limit and then once 20 entries are received, no one else can enter that class but they can still enter other classes.

TIP – if you put in a large number … say 100 when you don’t expect to have anywhere near that in a class, you can come back to this area to view your classes later on in one list once entries come in and it will show you exactly how many entries you have to date – eg 26 entries will show as 100 (26). Very handy!


Even if you have no entry fee associated with a specific class or activity, you MUST still specify an entry fee of $0 and make it required. Otherwise, anyone selecting that class will be dumped out of the online entry!

From the view classes, once you have added the class, click on the class name itself to view the details you have put in and importantly at the bottom of the form where you specify the Entry Fee, click on the blue button + add event class fee which pops up another form. Type in Entry Fee as the name, abbreviation of EF, put in the price (without $ sign) and then tick YES it is required. And save. Done!

To move to the next class, click on the tab CLASSES again and repeat. When finished, check through your list and importantly make sure you have an entry fee in each class in the EF column at the far right.

Changing an entry fee

You can change the entry fee but just be aware that it will only change for subsequent entries and not previous entries.

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