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Become a Livescorer!

Record faults and times as the horse leaves the ring. It really is easy to do and those following the show will really appreciate it!  As will the show secretary who then only has to merge the livescoring into the show management software instead of typing in the faults and times. 

We also think you will find it interesting to sit and watch a full class where you begin to appreciate the nuances of the sport. Download the Scorecard below and keep it in your truck for future!

Registered as a user on

You have to be a registered user on as you will login with your regular email. The show secretary will assign you to the show as a CONTENT only administrator which means you can then livescore. 

Show Admin
to setup

This is what the show secretary has to do to make it work. Login to your show as administrator and then go to the ONLINE ENTRY tab and click on the tab ADMINS. Click on the blue button to  + add admin near the top right and in the next form put in the email for the user - if it goes orange the user isn't registered OR you have make a mistake in the email spelling. Change the Admin level to CONTENT and Save.  DO NOT tick to send entries!

Be sure to upload the latest class list if you have any late entries or scratchings from earlier in the day. Also before the show, print out the Livescoring Scorecard from above. Preferably double sided and if you can ... laminate so you can keep on file for the next show.

How to Livescore

You can use a laptop, tablet or your smartphone. Go to and login. Then go to the show page and click on the CLASSES tab, select the Category if more than one and then click on the class name to view. TIP - you can type the class number into Name and then Filter to find the class.

Working within the class list

By default, the class list will be sorted by Name of horse. If the class is blackboard order, this might be the best option to find the horse coming into the ring. Otherwise, if the class is in draw order, click on the blue heading St No at the top of the column to sort in order. 

NOTE - as admin you will see DEL horses but these are not in view by the public. If a previously scratched horse comes into the ring, you can then change it back to ACT for active. 

Putting in scores

If the secretary hasn't done it for you ... download and print off the Livescoring Scorecard above. Referring to this guide for class type, click on the small blue button on the left of the class entry line. A smaller form will popup where you then put in the faults and times. Be sure to Save when you are finished. 

Use Entry Notes to record RET (retired), ELIM (eliminated) or DNS (did not start). Type in 999 as the faults score in the round where elimination or retirement occurred so it sorts to the bottom of list. Leave Rnd1 scores in place if horse was eliminated/retired in second or jump off rounds. 

Horse not in list? Or Scr?

Check first they are not in the DEL list. If they are, from the form that pops up, change their Status. If they are not there, you can't score them so leave until the next horse. The show secretary will pick up on late entries that appeared in the class when they check the sheets.  If a horse does not turn up, enter the abbreviation DNS for did not start under the Notes.  If a horse scratches, change the Status to DEL and importantly, put in the notes SCR at Ring so the secretary can deal with it. 

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