Our New Years Resolution!
We intend to make NZ Sport Horses some of the most
sought after horses in the world. To do this, we need to
showcase our horses on a world stage so people know
about them – specifically through the FEI World Breeding
Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) Studbook
Championships where it is the horse that earns points for a
studbook and not the rider. So overseas riders on NZ horses
are working for us too!
Our immediate goal therefore is to get the NZ Sport Horse
back into the top 5 studbooks in the world for event horses.
We want to stand on the podium with such big stud books as
the Irish Sport Horse, Selle Francais, and Hanoverian (to
name our main eventing studbook competitors) and receive
a prize for New Zealand at the next World Breeding
Federation for Sport Horses AGM.
Foal by frozen semen KWPN sire Larino
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And NZ can do it. In the last 5 years, had NZ horses been registered under one studbook by the
WBFSH, we would have been in the top 5 studbooks in the WBFSH rankings for EVENTING
in that time.
We need to get back on track. Share information so that we can breed better
with world class pedigrees. And make sure breeders understand how important it is to the
Sport Horse industry. We need to work together as breeders for one future.
Maybe we didn’t win an Olympic medal in 2008, but our NZ horses have done us proud as usual!
All too often however, overseas buyers and even our local riders don’t see the success of our NZ
bred horses collectively. When you start to look at the overall statistics, we have a lot to be proud
Application to the WBFSH
To achieve our goal, the NZ Sport Horse Promotion Board Inc. has to reapply to the WBFSH for
studbook recognition. To make up numbers as quickly as possible, we need to get every sport
horse born since 2003 registered in the NZ Sport Horse Register. At the same time, we also need
to track down the breeders of over 180 horses that are out there competing at FEI level and make
sure they are registered as NZ Sport Horses. See the list below.
We need your help asap. This could be the single most important step breeders and owners can
take to make our industry more fun, more profitable and more likely to produce gold medals again
in the future. With access to top stallions from all over the world, our thoroughbred bloodlines and
wonderful climate, we can expect to produce some outstanding horses in all three FEI disciplines.
But let us start with eventing because we are almost there. We need you to be in to win!
Please register your horses before 31 Mar 2009.
For more information on the World
Breeding Federation for Sport Horses see www.wbfsh.org
Lost and Found
Lost – we want to find the breeders
These horses appear on the FEI World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses or have NZL
passports but we are not sure of their pedigree or breeder. Please check here regularly and help
us fill in the gaps!  Breeders and owners welcome to tell us more.
Easy Access to Pedigree Information
This website is being developed as a prototype for an open web application where members can
register and update horse records online in time.
What does it mean to get back on track?
It means we get serious about producing world class horses.
We need your support
We need to register as many eligible horses as QUICKLY as possible in our bid to become
recognised by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses.