About Us
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Association for Breeders & Owners
The NZ Sport Horse Promotion Board Inc (NZSHPB) is an incorporated society that records pedigree
information for sport horses bred in New Zealand and promotes the breeding nationally and internationally.
What is a Sport Horse
Rules & Regulations are being revamped in line with international protocols and WBFSH requirements and
will be posted here once approved at an AGM. The following is also subject to revision.
Membership & Registration Fees
SPECIAL AMNESTY OFFER – register any young stock, broodmare or older horse in work for only $28
(GST included) until the end of March 2008! Stallions are not included.
Selective Breeding Program
Dr Chris Rogers of Massey University is documenting a selective breeding program for NZ Sport Horses
that will be implemented over the next two years.